GreatGifts4u promotional products company providing branded gifts and apparel to over 1000 educational institutions, non-profits and businesses across the U.S. Unlike the largest industry online sellers focused on a high volume of transactions, we take a more consultative partnership-oriented approach. We prefer to get to know our clients and form long-term relationships – some of which have now lasted over two decades.

We can save our customers having to come up with creative ideas on their own and wasting time on researching them by putting together custom PDF presentations with one to two dozen recommendations based on their specific budget, organization colors, artwork to be used, and target audience. 

We have extensive expertise serving the educational market and, from a national perspective, can share with Alumni, Advancement, Admission, Recruiting, Orientation, Housing and other offices what has been successful for their colleagues on other collegiate and private school campuses for any program or event.

We are a family-owned and operated small business since 1998.