With about 75% of ad specialty products, manufacturing plants require a 5 – 10% over/under run allowance.  This is primarily to allow for the pulling, before shipment, of any product found to have printing defects. In the past, when this quality control process resulted in 5 – 10% under the quantity ordered being shipped, we found it caused real problems for our customers at events where a certain number of gifts were needed.  Because of this, we began specifying "No Unders" on all our orders.

We do always push manufacturers to try to keep the number under 5%, and if at all possible, to hit the number ordered exactly.  With some types of product – apparel or drinkware, for instance – exact quantity is the norm.  But when there are extras, we obviously have to bill for the actual quantity produced and shipped.  You will see this noted on the order confirmation paperwork that we email for your approval before an order is turned in - "final invoice will incl. actual quantity shipped and shipping amount."  

This isn’t just our policy.  It is standard with all ad specialty-type vendors.  If you were to find one that promised exact quantity on every order and every type of product, it’s because they’re building the cost of the overs they “eat” onto the price of the other pieces you did order.  We don’t believe in pricing like that.  With us, you’ll pay the lowest per piece price possible and only for what you do actually get.  

If the potential for overages causes budgetary and PO approval issues, we would be happy to remove the “No Unders” note on all orders.  Realize, however, that depending on the product, this could result in the number swinging the other way and you getting slightly fewer than ordered. 

We really do appreciate your business and want to make the ordering process as un-confusing and hassle-free as possible.  If you have any concerns regarding overs/unders on your orders, please do not hesitate to contact us